Charities We Support

Amongst many charity rides we do the two main charities we support are Ricky's Last Ride and Jack Davies Charity Memorial

Steve is raising money in memory of his son Ricky, riding across America and Route 66 on a holiday they had one day planned to take together.

Ricky was tragically killed in a motorbike accident, aged just 31, the loving father of two sons and friend to everyone. Before Ricky passed away he and his dad Steve had been training to join SERV, the local branch of the Blood Bikers, an entirely volunteer led service providing invaluable support to the NHS by transporting bloods and equipment between hospitals in emergency situations.

Every day the Blood Bikers are saving countless lives, funded only be charitable donations. Help us raise money for a new SERV Blood Bike in Ricky's name, and support the charity he had been so passionate about being part of.

Every rider is self-funded, so every penny of the money raised will be going to SERV.

You can read Ricky's full story, as told by his Dad, and follow Steve's journey here:

I am Jack's Mum and as you all know he was tragically taken from us on the 4th November following a motorbike accident.

Jack loved life and loved the adventures it gave him, he had so many plans for his future and one of those was to be a Blood Biker when he was old enough.

Jack had researched (as Jack would do with everything) what this Charity did and told me this would be a dream job because it combined his passion for being on a bike and also helping people.

Jack from the moment he was born has had many battles health wise but nothing deterred him to live his life to the fullest. Nothing fazed him and everything he faced, he had such courage and of course that beautiful smile.

Jack would be proud if we supported this Charity in his honour I just know he would.

Thank you for your donation in Jack's memory.