Motorcycle Tours & Reviews

We are a group of  motorcycle enthusiasts from the UK who video document our motorcycle tours, ride-outs and a few product reviews. Our sense of humour if that's what you call it is full of banter and a string of continuous jokes, we love to wind each other up and capture as much enjoyment on camera as possible. Our tours can consist of a full on camping expedition to a quick ride to the cafe for a sarny, but each video will be packed full of entertainment.

Our story started back in 2017  when  myself Maverick after a 19 year gap purchased my dream bike a 1995 Honda Fireblade, a close  friend Goose had a Suzuki Bandit 1200 and it  wasn't long before we were both  started racking up the miles riding together.  A conversation between the two of us started about how we both had always wanted to  go camping on our motorcycles, we made the decision and there was no better time than now to do it. We talked and made plans for our first tour of Wales,  Goose said "I have a friend also with a bike (Iceman), I bet he would come too"... so the three of us made our very first motorcycle camping tour.

We decided to film the Wales camping weekend for something to look back on, I realised the footage files were too big to email to Goose and Iceman so  I uploaded the videos to YouTube and emailed them the links, knowing nobody else would see the footage... so we thought! After a few weeks we gained 6 subscribers which shocked us to be honest, we went on a few more rides and made a few more videos and again a few more subscribers came to the channel.

It was not our intention to start a YouTube channel but  it kind of happened all by it's self. Goose said "we need a name if we're going to continue with this", so we started throwing a few names about but nothing seemed to click.  I  spent quite some time thinking about what we were going to do with the channel. Goose asked "what is the idea?" I said we have motorcycles, we like to tour and we can do a few little reviews so I've combined those three subjects together... and the name was born: MOTOUREV - pronounced Mo-Tour-Rev

Over the next 18 months we increased our member group which made the line up: Maverick, Goose, Iceman, Viper, Motourway, Piggy, Alby, Escobar, Crazy Bear,  Oben, Flash, Groot, Spaceboy, Noodles, Dav I.D, Jester and Jim I.D.

Thanks for viewing the site and please do take the time to watch our videos,

The MTV team.