From the moment Motourev transpired into a motovlogging YouTube channel, we knew the camera was going to be paramount to the success of our video production. We spent a great deal of time researching other motovlogging channels and their video quality.

Within a very short time we were drawn in the direction of Drift, why Drift... when there are so many other options available on the market?

The truth is, we wanted to capture the essence of real life footage showing the viewer what the ride was like through our eyes. Many other manufacturers offered phenomenal stabilisation and horizon levelling features that came at an extortionate cost, but to us the captured footage felt artificial with perfectly smooth roads and lifeless body movements that seemed alien. Don't underestimate Drift's capabilities as they too have great stabilisation features, but we felt the other manufacturers replaced the natural human motion with Ai.

There's no dispute, no other manufacturer can compete with Drift's battery life... I mean come on, 8.5 hours on the Ghost XL before a recharge is required!

It was these kind of specifications that Drift actually took into consideration, battery life! To be able to ride for a full day and not worry about carrying spare batteries, plugging in powerbanks, trying to figure out how to attached an oversized mic adaptor to the helmet as well as the camera.

Being an ambassador for Drift is an honour, we have faith and trust in their products and are proud to say the hundreds of videos and thousands of hours of footage we have produced have all been thanks to the Drift Ghost range of cameras.

Drift, we salute you!